The Power of Stupidity

by Giancarlo Livraghi

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The Power of Stupidity
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(also Il potere della stupidità in Italian)

For readers who prefer to pick and choose
(or anyhow to take them one at a time)
here are all the chapters
and some related things

Chapter 1 (pdf)
The Stupidity Problem

Chapter 2 (pdf)
Stupidity and Biology

Chapter 3 (pdf)
Predictable or Unpredictable

Chapter 4 (pdf)
Murphy’s Law

Chapter 5 (pdf)
Parkinson’s Law

Chapter 6 (pdf)
The Peter Principle

Chapter 7 (pdf)
Cipolla’s Laws

Chapter 8 (pdf)
The Stupidology Graph

Chapter 9 (pdf)
Three Corollaries
and also
In Memory of Peter Blake

Chapter 10 (pdf)
The Stupidity of Power

Chapter 11 (pdf)
The Ways of Power

Chapter 12 (pdf)
The Stupidity of Bureaucracy
and also
The Scorpion and the Frog

Chapter 13 (pdf)
Stupidity and Ignorance

Chapter 14 (pdf)
Stupidity and Fear

Chapter 15 (pdf)
Stupidity and Habit

Chapter 16 (pdf)
Stupidity and Haste

Chapter 17 (pdf)
Stupidity and Cunning

Chapter 18 (pdf)
The Vicious Circle of Stupidity

Chapter 19 (pdf)
The Stupidity of Technologies
and also
several articles on this subject

Chapter 20 (pdf)
The Subtle Art of Simplicity

Chapter 21 (pdf)
Problems of Perception
and also
Views of the World

Chapter 22 (pdf)
Idols and Icons
and also
Metaphors and metamorphoses

Chapters 23 and 24 (pdf)
The Power of Obscurantism
Stupidity and Superstition

Chapter 25 (pdf)
Is Stupidity Growing?

Chapter 26 (pdf)
Stupidity Isn’t Harmless

Chapter 27 – and more

Chapter 28 (pdf)
Embarrassing – or Obsessive?

Chapter 29 (pdf)
Errare Humanum

Chapter 30 (pdf)
Antidotes and Prevention

Appendix 1
Brown’s Job

Appendix 2
Simple Thoughts on Complexity

Also online
Foreword   Introduction   Epilogue

Of 23 articles in English (starting in 1996)
one added after the book was published
Is there a definition of stupidity?


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