The Power of Stupidity

by Giancarlo Livraghi


There can be no end to the subject
that I have tried to summarize in this book.
It’s infinitely complex – and inexhaustible
because every day we discover
new developments of the power of stupidity
(not so often new ways of reducing it.)

It would be silly to think that any book
(or all of the things ever written on this subject)
can cover the magnitude of the problem
with its countless varieties and consequences
or offer solutions that can totally free us
from the perennial danger of stupidity.
But if, as I learn from readers, I have been able
to offer some suggestions on how to understand it,
this is the greatest result I could possibly expect.

It has been interesting, over the years,
to observe the reactions of people
who have read the pages online
or the Italian editions of this book.
Sometimes they are dismayed and worried
when they begin to look into the problem.
But, as they read on, they become interested,
intrigued, encouraged and also amused.

Understanding stupidity is a way
of reducing the danger of its effects,
not being too often taken by surprise,
improving our chances of limiting its power.
And this can be a reason for good humor.