runa di Gandalf Who is Gandalf?

  Gandalf is a character in J.R.R. Tolkien's famous book, Lord of the Rings.

A long time ago... in 1972 Gandalf became the name of a small sailboat. Everyone in the crew had just finished reading Tolkien's saga; the choice of name was natural, and felt like a good omen. It was, indeed, a lucky little boat, that sailed around the West Mediterranean and got quite happily through all sorts of weather and tricky circumstances. barcvele.gif (2538 bytes)

In following years the boat’s name was used for other purposes, including activities unrelated to sailing. In 1996 it became the name of this website (some of the content had been published elsewhere earlier).

The website has no business purposes; it intends only to contribute to the general culture and understanding of the net and generally of communication.

Most of the material online in this site is the work of one person: Giancarlo Livraghi.



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